Rebecca Nesson
Lead Software Developer
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Cambridge, MA 02138

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Organic Community Farming

From 2005-2012 I served on the Board of Directors (president 2010-2012) of Waltham Fields Community Farm, a non-profit farm offering fresh, local produce grown using organic sustainable methods. We offer extensive, high-quality educational and volunteer opportunities and provide large quantities of fresh produce to a variety of food access and hunger relief outlets.


I live in Cambridge with my husband Wayne and my daughters Nico and Charlie. Wayne and I are both born and raised in Cambridge and plan to stay here. We do a lot of food foraging, gardening and food preservation by canning, brewing, lactic fermentation, freezing and drying. We get around town on a variety of interesting bicycles, including a custom-made cargo tricycle with seats for two kids in front that we call the Mad Max Trike. I think everyone who can should get out of their cars and onto their bikes, primarily because it is so much more fun.